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Oferujemy kursy i treningi związane z technikami strzelania taktycznego oraz taktyką działań bojowych (zakładka oferta),

Wstąp do naszego Stowarzyszenia Strzelecko Kolekcjonerskiego TSA (zakładka Stowarzyszenie),

Jesteśmy dystrybutorem na Polskę Optyki marki REDWIN (zakładka Sklep).


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I recommend, great fun and professional team!

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Voucher fulfilled as planned and on time. Super fun and amazing experience!!!

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If you can, I will ask every weekend such actions :D! See you!!!!!

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    Make a gift for yourself and your loved ones!

    We would like to present you with a unique offer that is sure to interest all shooting sports enthusiasts. It often happens that in the search for gifts for our loved ones, we forget about ourselves. Therefore, we encourage you to make a gift to yourself and your loved ones - a unique experience at our shooting range.

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    Our shooting training courses are ideal for anyone who wants to feel the thrill and challenge of shooting. We offer a wide selection of weapons and ammunition, as well as individual and group training courses that will allow you to improve your shooting skills.

    Szkolenie na strzelnicy

    Training at the shooting range

    Training at the shooting range is an excellent opportunity for shooting enthusiasts who want to improve their skills and accuracy. Under the guidance of professional instructors, participants will learn the techniques and principles of safe use of firearms.

    Szkolenie dzieci

    Training of children

    Children's training is a specially prepared offer for the youngest who want to learn the basics of shooting. With this training, children not only gain knowledge, but also learn a responsible approach to firearms.

    Grub Training

    Grub Training

    GRUB Training is an advanced tactical training program to improve skills in personal defense and combat operations. The program includes individual and group training, taking into account different levels of proficiency.

    The ability to aim

    The basis of good marksmanship is knowing your weapon and its specifics, being able to hold, stabilize and align the aiming instruments properly at the target. It is also important to remember to breathe properly, pull down the trigger tongue, control muscle tension and body balance, which will allow for accurate aiming and control of the weapon.

    Aby rozwijać umiejętność celowania, należy regularnie ćwiczyć zarówno trening bez strzałowy jak i na strzelnicy, przy użyciu różnych rodzajów broni i odległości od celu. Ważne jest również korzystanie z różnych technik celowania, takich jak celowanie przez przyrządy mechaniczne, optyczne, celowanie na czuja, szybkie i precyzyjne strzelanie z różnych pozycji.

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    Join the ranks of our SSKTSA Shooting Association

    Membership at the shooting range is an excellent option for people who want to develop their shooting interests, while valuing safety and a good atmosphere.

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