Get to know us!

Hello, we are Tactical Shooting Academy - a team of professionals dedicated to security in the broadest sense. We want to welcome you and introduce you to our passion and offer to enhance your safety and that of your loved ones.

Our company is not just another shooting school. We are a group of experienced people who come from various uniformed services. In our team you will find instructors who specialize in sport shooting and combat shooting, instructors of martial arts, intervention techniques and paramedics with the necessary CLS, KPP, Combat Medic, SERE certifications.

Our training courses cover various areas of safety. Whether you want to get started in shooting or are looking for advanced self-defense techniques, we have the right training for you. We focus on a personalized approach, tailoring programs to your needs and skills.

At our Tactical Shooting Academy, you will not only learn new skills, but also explore the world of shooting passion. Our team is enthusiastic and dedicated, ready to share their knowledge and experience. We conduct classes in a friendly and safe atmosphere, taking care of the comfort of each participant.

We also do not forget that knowledge of first aid is extremely important. That's why we also offer paramedic training so you can respond effectively in difficult situations.

We invite you to join us at Tactical Shooting Academy. We will be delighted to help you develop your skills, improve your safety and explore new opportunities. Contact us and together we will build a solid foundation in shooting and self-defense.

We are here to help you. See you at our training sessions!

Sincerely, Tactical Shooting Academy Team