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Bezpieczeństwo i samoobrona: Kluczowe umiejętności dla każdej osoby

Safety and self-defense: Key skills for every person

In today's world, where personal safety is an ever-increasing challenge, having self-defense skills and knowing basic safety rules is becoming indispensable for every person. Regardless of gender, age or occupation, the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones is crucial. Therefore, it is worth the time and effort to learn these skills, which can prove to be extremely [...]

Od Pasji i Hobby do Bezpiecznych Umiejętności

From Passion and Hobbies to Safe Skills.

Shooting as a passion and hobby - excitement and fun Shooting is not only a skill with weapons, but also a passion, a hobby and a way to experience incredible excitement and fun. For both men and women, this field can become a fascinating adventure that combines science, skill and safety aspects. The importance of shooting skills and [...]

Poznaj nas!

Get to know us!

Hello, we are Tactical Shooting Academy - a team of professionals dedicated to security in the broadest sense. We want to welcome you and introduce you to our passion and our offer to enhance your safety and that of your loved ones. Our company is not just another shooting school. We are a group of experienced individuals who come from various uniformed services. In our team you will find [...]